New York Life Coach Certification Training Courses

Life Coach Certification Training Courses for New and Advanced Coaches in NY

The Spencer Institute gives you numerous New York educational programs, certification courses, as well as coaching business and marketing systems

New York life coach certification training



New York NY certiifed life coach training

Here are some of our most popular New York life coaching training programs: (partial list)

New York Life Strategies Coaching: If you are new to coaching, this is where you should start your life coaching career.  You will learn basic through very advanced life coaching techniques and coaching business methods.

New York Wellness Coach Training: Wellness coaches help their clients to develop healthy living habits, reduce stress factors, and improve their overall happiness.

New York Green Living Coaching: The "Go Green" and organic living movement is growing in popularity and is the new field for life coaches.

New York Stress Management Coaching
: Our stress management coach program is designed for life coaches, in addition to fitness and wellness pros who want to expand knowledge in the expanding field of stress management.

New York Corporate Wellness Coaching: Corporate fitness and wellness coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry that is perfect for fitness, wellness, nutrtiion and lifestyle coaches.

New York Food Psychology Coaching: This one-of-a-kind training course is perfect for life coaches who need tools for helping clients with behavior modification as it pertains to food and eating habits. Food Psychology Coaching is about a person's relationship with food, rather than just the food which is being eaten.

New York Holistic Life Coaching: Holistic life coaches improve a client's personal development from a multi-directional perspective – viewing the person as a complete being – rather than an individual who may have a particular unresolved challenge.

New York Sports Psychology Coaching: You can easily integrate our Sports Psychology Coach Certification into your existing career in sports, fitness, coaching or psychology.


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